Flo's Roadside Diner

A 1952 Mountain View diner in Clarks Hill, Indiana

True Diner

11557 Sagamore Pkwy (IN-28)
Clarks Hill, Indiana 47930


Status: Closed or missing

Last Updated: Oct. 30, 2019


7832+86 Clarks Hill, Lauramie Township, IN

Originally Rose Haven, with added dining room in 1953; has also been known as Shirley’s, Country Crossroads, Alexander’s Sit-N-Bull Cafe, Duck-In Diner (late 1980s-99), and more recently Flo’s Roadside Diner.

Closed for a long time, the diner was catastrophically struck on 27 Oct. 2019, directly on the western corner, causing severe damage, including structural, which may spell its final doom. New property owners have long planned to raze the diner and replace it with a small truck stop.