Dozier diner

A c1951 O'Mahony diner in Dozier, Alabama

True Diner

Andalusia Hwy (US-29)
Dozier, Alabama 36028


Status: Closed or missing

Last Updated: June 20, 2017


About 0.8 km SW of Jct. Alabama Rte. 77. Long abandoned.

This is quite likely the former Ralph’s diner of Montgomery, which started life as Danny’s Diner, established by former baseballer Danny Long, whose budding career with the Montreal Royals (1944-1950) was cut short by a debilitating shoulder injury. Still able to do less strenuous work, Danny was convinced to open brand-new Jersey diner in his hometown of Montgomery, which had never had one. The diner stood at the corner of N. Bainbridge St. and Madison Ave. and was very popular. It remained Danny’s until at least 1960, the last year that community guides report it, and was known as Ralph’s by 1968. The distinctive roofline of Dozier Diner matches photographs of Danny’s / Ralph’s, along with other details, and it is quite likely the same diner. If so, it would have been ordered, made, and delivered 1951 or 1952.