Chucks Stop Diner

A 1954 Valentine Little Chef diner (#654) in Colorado Springs, Colorado

True Diner

132 W Cimarron St
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Phone: (303) 229-1391

Status: Closed or missing


Last Updated: May 31, 2018


This ill-fated diner has had numerous owners and even more operators, under plenty of names, most recently closing in 2008 after being struck by a minivan.

1954-? Richard’s Grill 1976-81 The Lunch Box 1982-92 Chuck’s Stop Cafe ?-2004 Jo’s Diner, Stevie G’s 2005 Mister Big’s Diner, Darlene’s Chucks Stop Diner 2008 Mr. B’s Famous BBQ & Soul Food 2011 Vernacchio’s Diner 2012 Smitty’s Dawgz Soul Food (aborted)

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