Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner

A 1957 Mountain View diner (#516) in Lakewood, Colorado

True Diner

9495 W Colfax Ave (US 40)
Lakewood, Colorado 80215

Phone: (303) 237-5252

Status: Open for business


Monday to Sunday:
6:00am to 2:00pm

Website: http://davieschuckwagon.com/

Last Updated: Feb. 9, 2021

Condition: Minor changes


PVRW+5J Lakewood, Colorado

First of two locations. Though Mountain Views are common enough in the Northeast, the large, heavy diners manufactured on the East Coast (22’ x 50’ and 46 tons, in this case) are rare in other parts of the country. Original at this site and well preserved, the diner was added to the National Register in 1997. Davies’ opened a second (stick-built) diner in Wheat Ridge.

This diner appears for a few seconds in a gorgeous closeup in the 2021 Super Bowl Jeep ad “The Middle”, narrated by Bruce Springsteen.

National Register of Historic Places Reference Number: 97000619