A 1948 Paramount diner in Hartford, Connecticut

True Diner

267 Farmington Ave
Hartford, Connecticut 06105

Phone: (860) 525-3474

Status: Closed or missing

Last Updated: March 6, 2019

Condition: Minor changes


Q883+X2 Hartford, Connecticut

SW corner w/ Laurel St.

Originally Aetna, later Comet, Oasis, and Hog River Grille (which had a kind of nightclub in the original rathskeller). Closed since 2000, long for sale (diner or lot both), and threatened. Remarkably lovely and well-preserved inside and out, including original exterior hand-lettering. Interior is well-preserved with original wood fittings. One of only four of this kind of classic-age Paramount left, and one of only two in this nearly original condition. A real gem, and a terrible loss if it’s not saved.

Purchased in 2017 by Wayne Benjamin of Triumph Venture Capital LLC (of Windsor), who plans to reopen the diner, possibly as early as 2020.