Dinerluxe American Grille

A diner in New Milford, Connecticut


108 Danbury Rd
New Milford, Connecticut 06776

Phone: (860) 355-3500

Status: Open for business


Monday to Sunday:
8:00am to 11:00pm

Website: http://dinerluxe.com

Last Updated: Feb. 27, 2018


Former Friendly’s, though unrecognisable as such after elaborate redesign by the famed Morris Nathanson firm for the Serroukas family, who also run the Eveready Diners. In some instances bordering on the cartoonish, the exuberant style has led some in the area to call it “the Disney Diner”. Slightly upscale in price compared to most diners, the quality of the food and service is reasonably commensurate. Not really a diner for the casual traveller, as most are meant to be, but more of a destination in itself, a good place to go out or bring a date.