Sandy Hook Diner

A 1920s Tierney & Sons diner in Sandy Hook, Connecticut

True Diner

98 Church Hill Rd
Sandy Hook, Connecticut 06482

Phone: (203) 270-5509

Status: Open for business


Monday to Friday:
6:00am to 2:00pm
7:00am to 1:00pm
7:30am to 1:00pm


Last Updated: Dec. 31, 2016


Sandy Hook Diner started in the now-attached apartment immediately west in 1935 under that name, though it changed hands and names a number of times since. In 1937, the current physical diner at the heart of the operation was found in a field in New Fairfield and moved here. The diner itself started as Corrigan’s in Danbury. In 1955, a dining room was added to the east end, taking out most of that end’s wall but leaving enough intact to be recognisable. The entire exterior of all three joined structures is covered in matching white clapboard, but the original diner’s four-corner roof is still clearly visible, and though the interior has been renovated more than once, it is still mostly recognisable, including some original tile just inside the door. Though extremely few extant Tierneys are in good shape at this point, Sandy Hook is better than most still remaining. Open seven days and serving breakfast and lunch only, it hearkens back to its heritage as a reliable anchor of the local community. Food is high quality, including an excellent house-made corned beef hash.