Lemoyne Diner

A 1941 O'Mahony diner (#1104) in Chatham, Ontario, Canada

True Diner

Chatham, Ontario, Canada, (Elsewhere)


Status: Closed or missing

Last Updated: March 28, 2017


After leaving its original location at 271 Market Street in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, in late 1981 the diner was moved to New Cumberland, Penn. for awhile, then in 1990 was bought by Tom Kiefarber, who moved it to York Road in Baltimore with plans to somehow pair it with his Senator Theatre, but never did. American Diner Museum arranged with Dick Shappe to move the diner to (375 Charles St.) Providence, Rhode Island in Sept. 2002. Partially restored, in 2008 it was sold to Rob Myers of RM Auctions (now RM Sotheby’s) in Blenheim, Ontario. No further information.

(Thanks to Spencer Stewart, Mike Engle, Larry Cultrera, Dan Zilka, Gary Thomas, and others.)