Gator Diner

A 1951? Mountain View diner in St. Petersburg, Florida

True Diner

2005 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, Florida 33713


Status: Gone and never coming back

Last Updated: March 20, 2021


Q8CQ+GR St. Petersburg, Florida

NW corner w/ 20th St. N.

Exact location is speculative, based on view of current location. It was at this intersection.

Based on an article in the 15 Feb. 1951 St. Petersburg Times, it appears to have been bought new from Mountain View and shipped here. That same article, however, seems to suggest that it was planned to be physically attached to an existing St. Petersburg diner, the Own Diner (at 333 4th St. N.) at this site. [Tom Davidson] A top-selling postcard of Gator Diner does not show evidence of this, though.

About two years after the diner opened, in March, 1953, a book-making scandal resulted in several arrests, including the diner’s owner. [Tom Davidson] The eventual fate of the diner is unknown, but it’s presumed to have been destroyed.