(former diner)

A 1940s? Valentine diner (#V-133) in Wellington, Kansas

True Diner

224 S Washington Ave (US-81)
Wellington, Kansas 67152


Status: Closed or missing

Last Updated: June 13, 2016

Condition: Significant changes


Northwest corner of US-81 and West 4th St. Expanded soon after first opening in the early 1950s, and operated as a diner until 1984. Spanish Kitchen (1973-76. B&S Cafe starting 1983, for just one year. Gutted and made into Shields Barber Shop 1984. Has lately been a series of pet grooming salons. One of the remaining original fixtures is the Valentine wall safe, which early (pre-War) Valentine buyers used to leave purchase installments which could then be picked up by Valentine’s staffers. This suggests the diner was made before World War II, and was in service in Wichita before moving here.