Embassy Grill

A diner in South Hadley, Massachusetts


199 River Lodge Rd
South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075


Status: Gone and never coming back

Last Updated: Dec. 31, 2022


(Location approximate)

Originally opened as Market Square Diner at 253 Front St., Market Sq., Chicopee by Bill “Winkie” Theroux (d. 2015), until 1966. Son Bobby built a brick addition and renamed it Embassy Grill, also adding a barrel roof over the original monitor roof. A street-widening project in 1978 displaced the diner, which was sold to Anthony Ravosa, Sr., who moved it immediately north of the Riverboat Restaurant, originally as an oyster bar, which also acquired a faux caboose cupola. In the 1990s, the property was redeveloped into townhouses, destroying the diner as well. [Larry Cultrera — See link for detailed information and history.]