Hope's Hollywood Diner

A 1951 Mountain View diner (#317) in Plaistow, New Hampshire

True Diner

127 Plaistow Rd (NH-125)
Plaistow, New Hampshire 03865

Phone: (603) 382-5063

Status: Gone and never coming back

Website: http://facebook.com/hopesdiner

Last Updated: Jan. 26, 2019


RVVV+P9 Plaistow, New Hampshire

Near SE corner w/ Jesse George Rd.

Originally Pent’s on Rt. 28 in North Reading, Mass. Moved here as Eggie’s around 1959 and in 2010 renamed Diner 317, then Betty’s and Betty-Ann’s in 2011, and later that same year as Hope’s. Appears to have been closed since sometime after summer 2014.

According to second- or third-hand report late January 2019, the diner was being “parted out and dumped”, and is presumed not to exist anymore. [Glenn Wells]