Rosedale Diner

A 1946 Fodero diner in Kenilworth, Pennsylvania

True Diner

1576-1598 PA-724
Kenilworth, Pennsylvania 19518


Status: Gone and never coming back

Last Updated: March 29, 2017


Operated at E. High St. & Rosedale Dr. in Pottstown (approximately where McDonald’s is today), by Bill Faulk (“the man on Route 724” from the Hall & Oates song), later moved into open-air storage in 1965 in the woods off of PA-724 in Kenilworth, where it was famously photographed for the cover of the Hall & Oates 1973 album Abandoned Luncheonette. Gradually dismembered by fans, the diner was condemned by city fathers by the beginning of 1983. By summer, what was left had been scrapped. The diner’s last resting place is no longer recognisable, but is directly across from the also-abandoned Pizza World, formerly Topps, which was Bill Faulk’s second venture. (1577-1599 New Schuylkill Rd, SW corner w/ Peterman Rd.)