White Diner

A diner in South Tamaqua, Pennsylvania


548 W Penn Pk (PA-309)
South Tamaqua, Pennsylvania


Status: Closed or missing


Started as Jake’s White Diner with two 1800s Tamaqua and Lansford railcars, joined in an ‘L’ configuration with one (parallel to the road) serving as the main diner and the other (perpendicular) serving as the dining room. It originally had a gas station immediately next door. Bought by Earl G. Wester in 1953, who ran it as the White Diner until 1972 and passed away in 1999.

Various changes came over the years. Brickwork encased the arrangement and a mansard roof appeared. The gas station was joined as extra dining space, with the entrance moved to a vestibule in between.

Disaster struck on 18 September 2011 when a major completely destroyed the diner. After a year of trying to figure out how to save and rebuild, the owners gave up and built a larger replacement, Jones Grille, which opened a year later but has since closed again.